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Well, I should start by saying a VERY belated Happy 2019! I cannot believe we are already nearly at the end of February, days are already longer and those all important first signs of Spring have begun to shoot up from the ground.

Surrey Hills Skin Clinic 2019 – Carbon footprint & Maurico de Maio

2019 has brought new and exciting changes to Surrey Hills Skin Clinic. Firstly, we have been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. Aiming to become a paperless clinic by the of the year, and we are proud to say we are well on target! Part of this means our patient records, whether written, drawn or photographed will from now on be stored in a GDPR compliant, fully confidential encrypted IT system. All post procedure information is now emailed and behind the scenes our ordering and prescribing is now 99% paperless too. We took a long time researching clinical systems, with security and ability to accurately document our procedure notes being our top priority, we believe we have found The One!

This month has seen me attend a two-day training course by one of the world leaders in injectable medicine, plastic surgeon Maurico de Maio. He is a truly memorising injector, through his artistry I’ve seen him change the emotion peoples faces ‘wear’. Changing a look of sadness to happy, tiredness to a look of freshness, aged to a look of youthfulness. All achieved by precise volumisation with dermal fillers to lift, support and correct facial structures affected by ageing. I have taken so much away from this event, and although its time out of the clinic, I really enjoy building on and implementing my new found knowledge to achieve the best results possible for my patients.

What’s next?

Later this year I will attend more injectable mastery courses, learning never stops as no two faces are the same. I look forward to sharing my news and developments on social media.

In the meantime, two easy and cheap skin tips – keep well hydrated and SPF high. **Please bear in mind a recent study showed 50% of the UK adult population is Vitamin D deficient**


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