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    About the treatment

    One of the most powerful, non-invasive machines combining eight modalities in one device.

    Choose from one of the following treatments or join together for the ultimate skin treatment.

    • Pure Cleanse and Peel -30 min

    Removes all traces of debris, blackheads, and dead skin cells whilst utilizing a combination of 3 solutions to cleanse and hydrate.

    • Pure Oxygenation- 30 min

    natural exfoliation and oxygenation for the skin, encourage the lymph to circulate waste and toxins to be pushed out via the lymph system and improves blood supply.

    • Pure Lift- 30 min

    A non-surgical method of tightening the skin using multi-polar radio frequency. This procedure involves energy waves to heat the deep layer of the dermal tissue, this accelerates the fiber blast activation and stimulates the collagen.

    • Pure Firm- 30 min

    Using a micro-current, often referred to as a natural facelift, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while firming your skin and defining your features.

    All the above treatments will include personal serum infusion and lymphatic massage, for the best results course is recommended between 4 and 6.


    1 treatment- 30min – £65

    2 treatments- 60min- £110

    3 treatments- 90min – £132




    One treamtment (30mins): £59
    Two treatments (60mins): £99
    Three treatments include a FREE LED red or blue light (90mins): £130

    Our products

    Products GENOSYS. All serums and products hand-selected for the individuals’ skin concern and skin type.

    Treatment summary

    No of Treatments


    Procedure duration

    Specified above 

    Resume normal activity 

    Straight away (some skin redness to be expected)

    Duration of results 

    If combined with good skincare and a healthy lifestyle, weeks!


    Instant (expect redness)



    Sensitivity Period

    24 hours 

    What to expect

    At the beginning of your appointment, our facialist will examine your skin, taking into consideration your concerns and expectations. From here we will devise a suitable treatment plan tailor-made for your skincare needs. 

    Post treatment advice

    • Application of SPF 30-50 is recommended at all times even in the winter.
    • Makeup can be applied after 2 hours
    • Refrain from prolonged periods in the sun and avoid sunbathing
    • Avoid electrolysis, waxing, or bleaching for 72 hours

        Private and discrete clinics within Surrey

        Surrey Hills Skin Clinics flagship clinic is in the heart of Ashtead within easy reach by road or public transport.



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