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With Autumn now setting in and the weather turning many of us might be experiencing a change in our skin. These changes could be due to continuous exposure to the summer sun causing damage to the skin.

Age spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation are all common problems caused by sun damage.  Even with strong UV protection throughout summer, any exposure to the sun can effect the look and feel of your skin.

Many patients  are looking to rejuvenate their skin and with Autumn being a time for transition between seasons, with lower ultraviolet rays,  it is the perfect opportunity to repair and correct any summer skin damage and enhance your complexion for winter.


You may be finding that your daily moisturising cream which previously did the job is now lacking in effectiveness.  Skin exposed to sun will be screaming out for hydration and even more so when the weather cools down. Developments within the skincare arena means there are a host of options for exactly this purpose, from heavy creams to nourishing moisturisers; however, it is important to utilise the most appropriate moisturiser for your skin type in order to gain the maximum benefit.  A skincare specialist will be able to provide you with an analysis of your skin and skincare recommendation. Here at Surrey Hills Skin Clinic we are an ambassador and stockists of Obagi® skincare products and operate a free initial skin analysis for all new patients.

Chemical Peels

If you’re looking for a treatment to improve your skin, chemical peels are a safe and highly effective treatment that can be utilised to provide a deep exfoliation allowing skin to brighten and tighten. Medium peels in combination with prescription skincare products can correct and reverse pigmentation, improve texture and essentially tighten skin.  At Surrey Hills Skin Clinic we offer both light or medium depth peel. Sold as part of a course or as a one-off treatment chemical peels are an effective way to improve and in some cases eliminate the signs of sun damage. 


Although most of us think about sunscreen during the summer months, it is equally as important to protect your skin from daily sunlight during all months, winter included.  We would advise that sunscreen habits should become part of a daily routine. Those pesky and ageing UVA rays penetrate through glass and stay consistent all year round. We need to be mindful of the role Vitamin D plays in our health and that supplementation will most likely be required with good SFP adherence.

Specialist Skin Consultation

When looking to improve the damage caused to your skin through sun damage it would be advised to consult with a skincare specialist.  Here at Surrey Hills Skin Clinic, we offer a free initial skin consultation that enables our team to offer all our clients the most appropriate and effective treatment for them.   To book a consultation with our specialist skincare consultants click here we offer appointments from our clinics in Ashead and Godalming.


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